In Focus: Rodolfo Biasca, VRG Argentina

Q. Who is R. Biasca & Asociados?

Rodolfo Biasca VRG ArgentinaA. As VRG Argentina, R. Biasca & Asociados is one of the group’s founding members dating back to 1995. We are a small and prestigious Argentine consulting firm that built its initial reputation in the business transformation field and has been a member of VRG since its inception. The firm has completed engagements in all countries across Continental Latin America.

I am the founder and president – and, humbly speaking – I have been called “one of Argentina’s management gurus,” having authored several best-selling books including main publications, “Are we competitive?” (2001, 2004); “Results. The Formula” (2000, 2004); “Results. Action” (2000, 2004).  Most recently the book I’ve published include: “Organizational Change and Improvement” (2005), “More Competitive Small Business” (2005); “El Nuevo Sistema de Gestión para las PYMEs” (2003, 2004).    And previously published books include, ”Change Management” (1998, 2000), “Intentional Renewals ” (1997), “Competitiveness” (1982), ”Resizing” (1991,1995,1997,1998), ”Downsizing” (1989), ”Efficiency” (1988,1994), ”Productivity” (1984).  No other Spanish-speaking author can claim to have published so extensively on the subject.

I’ve held senior executive leadership roles and international consulting positions in my career. I’ve also worked as a management consultant for the World Bank, United Nations, Deloitte & Touche, and Coopers & Lybrand.

My team offers extensive work experience in valuations, strategic planning, business optimization, marketing strategies, and mergers and acquisitions for numerous companies in various industries worldwide.

Q. What areas of your expertise contribute to the strength of VRG’s client service platform?

A. Our services include consulting projects, counseling, temporary project leadership, and international business. Subjects can be classified into different groups:

VRG Argentina Valuation and Advisory Services

Strategically speaking, Biasca & Associates has always been in a field often called by different names: “improvement,” “change,” “business transformation,” or “organizational effectiveness.” But the general purpose remains to help clients move closer to best international practices as they adjust to new environments and obtain better results. This is a clear stand-out offering for VRG clients worldwide, well-aligned with our valuation and advisory services capabilities. Yet, it goes above and beyond in delivering meaningful client support, needed now more than ever in an environment that continues to experience rapid, unexpected market and industry change.

Q. How do clients benefit from a relationship with VRG Argentina?

A. We are experienced with international best practices and have a deep knowledge of Latin American business culture and financial, tax, and audit requirements. We can connect immediately with our well-known international contacts across VRG for any client need worldwide. And we have a nearly 50-year history of delivering value to clients. As consultants, we maintain independence from third parties, mainly when a supplier or vendor decisions are at stake. Our advice is consistently objective, and our recommendations are practical.

We have an excellent track record of turning around the business performance of American, European, and Latin American organizations. Clients have included the French Total Energies, Baker-Hughes, the Danish Danfoss, Siemens, Cargill, Baker Hughes, Sherwin Williams, Kraft/Nabisco, Parmalat (Italy); Odorizzi (Italy), Paylana (Uruguay), MAC/Coexito (Colombia), to name a few.

Q. We see your bio includes a number of teaching activities. What would you like readers to know about this?

A. It is a side activity. Teaching challenges your knowledge and obligates to keep you updated. Currently, I am Professor in Economics at Purdue University Global. I have taught at 68 universities in 21 countries.