Prof. Dr. Christian Aders

VRG Germany


  • Corporate Transactions
  • Dispute & Arbitration
  • Global Valuation Services
  • International Business Combinations
  • Reorganization
  • Restructuring
  • Strategic Value and Portfolio Management
  • Valuation Research Group
  • VRG Leadership

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Theresienstrasse 1
80333 Munich

Prof. Dr. Aders is Senior Managing Director and one of the founders of ValueTrust Financial Advisors SE.

He worked as a partner at KPMG and Duff & Phelps before devoting himself in 2006 to the development of ValueTrust. Prof. Aders has written many publications and regularly holds presentations and speeches regarding complex valuations matters.

Prof. Aders and the team at ValueTrust provide expert-based business valuation and financial advisory for executives and investors in demanding situations. Typical situations where the experience and independence in financial analysis and advice of ValueTrust are required include corporate transactions, restructuring and reorganisation, dispute and arbitration, as well as strategic value and portfolio management. ValueTrust supports its clients in an experience-based, partnership-based and independent spirit by clearly focusing on sustainable, practicable solutions that are both theoretically and legally sound.

ValueTrusts´ advisory approach is based on the combination of many years of experience and specialist knowledge combined with state-of-the-art methodology.