Jorge Mario Angel Arbeláez



  • Financial Reporting Valuations
  • Fixed Asset/Real Estate
  • Global Tax
  • Global Valuation Services
  • International Business Combinations
  • Investment Banking
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Property
  • Tangible Assets: Real Estate & M&E
  • Valuation Research Group
  • VRG Leadership

Tel. No.

Calle 16 No. 41-210
Ed. La Compañía, Of.605

Since 2008, Mr. Arbeláez has been the President of Valorar, VRG’s partner and leading Colombian valuation firm specializing in asset valuation, consulting, corporate real estate brokerage, and business banking services including business valuation, mergers & acquisitions and project management.

He offers extensive expertise in the Colombian real estate sector and valuation and has held previous positions as the Executive President of La Laonja de Real Estate of Medellín and Antioquia (1998-2008); Executive President of FEDELONJAS (2000-2002); Member of the Higher Housing Counsil, advisor to the Colombian national government for housing policy; former President of the Intergremial Committee of Antioquia; and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comfenalco Antioquia.

Mr. Arbeláez is an entrepreneur and union leader and has belonged to boards and boards of directors of various private and public organizations.