Global Capabilities.

Valuation Research Group (VRG) is a full-service, independent, global valuation and advisory services group. Formed in 1995, our global network has been providing quality valuations and value-related services for the U.S. and international business communities.

Among our member firms, we have nearly 1,500 professionals and an established reputation for providing expert and independent opinions of value for business enterprises, intangible assets, real estate, and personal property. Collectively, our professionals have served clients in more than 60 countries.

VRG’s international offices span five continents with nearly 50 office locations across North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Local Expertise.

Multinational engagements are managed locally by a single point of contact and executed by professionals located in their respective countries.

Our valuation specialists have intimate knowledge of local economies, languages, cultures, and legislative frameworks. We understand U.S. GAAP requirements, as well as the tax and financial reporting requirements specific to a particular country.

Our professionals have superior management skills, providing clients with deliverables within the required time frames.


Partner With Us.

Since 1995, VRG has been offering deep valuation & value-related expertise for international businesses.