Q4 2020 Economic Indicators

High-level visual summaries of leading economic and financial indicators in major economic markets.

Australia: Discount Rate Update

An updated summary of changes in market discount rates since June 2020, which can be used to reduce the subjectivity inherent in valuations and impairment testing.

Australia: Discount Rate Update

The 31 December reporting season is fast approaching and the impact of COVID-19 on asset values remains a key issue highlighted by ASIC in its message to companies.

Can I Register Sound or Taste as a Trademark?

Gesvalt reviews the major changes to the Trademark Act Amendment to comply with European legislation.

Impact of COVID-19 on Investment in Spain

The analysis of investment opportunities in Spain with special relevance in this changing time.

COVID-19 and Argentina

The pandemic’s unexpected changes have had a turbulent impact on Argentina’s economy. VRG looks at the effects and potential post-COVID outcomes for the region’s businesses.

Australia: Independent Expert’s Report Review

Key factors from all Independent Expert’s Reports (IERs) are summarized, included in the Connect4 database since 1 January 2018.

Australia: Market Discount Rate Update

With the uncertainty created by COVID-19 continuing to impact businesses and markets, the selection of a reasonable discount rate remains a key consideration, whether for financial reporting or for broader valuation requirements.

Australia: Impact of COVID-19 on Impairment Analysis

Drastic changes in operating conditions and financial markets this year pose significant challenges for all of us involved in financial reporting and forecasting.

Argentina: COVID-19 Update

The consequences on capital markets are already being felt. It is not the first crisis affecting the world, but perhaps it is one of the few that affects all sectors of the economy.