All businesses, regardless of size, type, and industry, must grow to survive and thrive. Beyond tried and true tactics – sell more, sell to more, and sell for more – strategic decisions are required to drive disruptive, next-level business growth. Often, that also requires specialized, dedicated levels of valuation advisory expertise from a qualified, independent firm that can help your organization support its deal-making decisions, mitigate risk, withstand scrutiny and improve shareholder transparency.



  • Alternative Assets/Complex Securities

    Complex securities are typically rich in economic features and closely linked to an equity, debt, or hybrid instrument. Many include features that alter cash flows over the life of the security, such as options, return multiples or thresholds, and/or specific IRR and price-performance targets. Securities with these characteristics are often created as part of incentive compensation, corporate transactions, capital raises, or external financing activities.

    We assist a wide range of clients with complex-securities valuations, including public and private corporations, asset managers, private equity funds, hedge funds, endowments, public and private pension plans, fund administrators and business development companies. Engagements often arise from needs relating to:

    • Early- or development-stage companies
    • Share-based payments including equity compensation awards
    • Derivatives and hedging instruments
    • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans and related tax scenarios
    • Other hard-to-value financial instruments and arrangements such as earnouts
  • Biological Assets

    Firms involved in the production of biological assets (e.g., animals, live plants) are required to measure the assets at fair value less selling expenses at the end of each accrual period. The fair value calculation of a biological asset is complex and detailed, requiring a partner with extensive experience in biological asset valuation engagements.

  • Business Plan Development and Feasibility Studies

    Your business plan strategy is one of the most important documents for your organization. VRG offers extensive experience in strategizing with clients to develop this fundamental document for delivery to potential or existing investors and funding sources.

  • Building Consultancy & Asset Management Services

    By bundling the technical services related to property management allows us to fully focus on fulfilling the objectives of your organization’s real estate project by streamlining the process and minimizing risk. VRG partners offer expert services through a wide network of professional engineers, architects, and consultants throughout Spain which include: due diligence, building architecture, project management and monitoring, technical actions, classifications, and reports, energy audits, and certification services.

  • Financial Modeling

    VRG’s financial modeling consulting services will ensure you buy, sell, and transact with the utmost confidence.

  • Investment Banking, Fundraising, and Transaction/Investment Advisory

    VRG teams offer dedicated and expert structuring teams to advise on drafting the optimal deal structure and supports a broad range of transactions including acquisitions, disinvestments, IPOs, PFI / PPP bids, group reorganizations, financial restructurings, and strategic alliances.

    We present clients with alternative feasible routes for achieving the desired objective, keeping in view accounting, tax, legal, and shareholder considerations. Ongoing support is provided throughout the implementation and completion of the project.

    • Mergers or Demergers
    • Investment or Disinvestment
    • Spin-off/Split off
    • Refinancing/Securitization
    • Group Reorganization
    • Cross Border M&A
  • Mines and Mineral Advisory and Valuation

    VRG member firm, RBSA Advisors, has carried out valuation, due diligence, and financial analysis of mines and deposits representing more than 90 percent copper reserves, more than 90 percent of zinc reserves, and over 85 percent of lead reserves of India. In the area of mines and mineral advisory and valuation, we offer special expertise in:

    • Valuation of mines and minerals reserves
    • Fully developed and operational mines
    • Partly explored deposits and exploration properties
    • Major and minor minerals, metallic (ferrous and non-ferrous) and non-metallic minerals, fuel minerals
    • Open pit and underground mines
    • Due diligence, mines valuation, mineral reserve valuation and advisory
    • Mining feasibility studies
    • Mineral reserve certifications
    • Review of operations and mining leases
    • Technical Opinions
  • Portfolio Valuations

    Illiquid, non-public asset portfolios have grown increasingly more complex, incorporating alternative asset investments among the traditional stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. Private equity and private debt funds, hedge funds, financial institutions, and business development companies rely on VRG for independent valuation services. Engaging VRG to perform portfolio level valuations, the process bolsters documentation, increases independence and transparency, and materially reduces measurement and reporting risks.

    Our portfolio practice provides valuations for:

    • Credit Investments
      • Floating and fixed rate 1st lien, 2nd lien and unitranche loans
      • Secured or unsecured mezzanine debt and convertible bonds
    • Equity Investments
      • Convertible preferred, straight preferred, simple and complex equity structures
    • Derivatives
      • Options
      • Warrants
      • Credit default swaps (CDS)
    • Structured Products
      • Collateralized loan obligations (CLO)
      • Collateralized debt obligations (CDO)
      • Bespoke portfolios

    Our clients include:

    • Private equity funds
    • Private debt funds
    • Business development companies (BDC)
    • Hedge funds
    • Venture capital funds
    • Mutual funds
    • U.S. and international pension funds
    • Endowments
    • Insurance companies
    • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Real Estate Compensation and Investigation

    Based on the “standards for compensation for loss resulting from public works,” VRG works on multiple engagements in the private sector when a building is constructed or redeveloped. VRG professionals collaborate to conduct investigations of all kinds to meet a variety of client needs, including investigation on movable properties, surveys by questionnaire, and real estate investigations.

    Compensation Services:

    • Estimation of compensation for loss related to a public project
    • Estimation of compensation for the reconstruction of a condominium
    • Compensation for eviction in connection with building improvement for earthquake-resistance and building reconstruction
    • Estimation of compensation for damage or loss caused by construction pollution

    Investigation Services:

    • Preparation of engineering reports
    • Market research
    • Estimation of asset retirement obligations
    • Estimation of compensation for damage/loss caused by construction pollution
    • Investigation of rights
    • Total support service for pre-appraisal of buildings in urban redevelopment projects
    • Investigation of corporate assets
  • Real Estate Development Consulting

    VRG offers a number of consulting services for real estate development projects. Our commitment to performance excellence in this is highly recognized in the Japanese real estate market to promote urban development.

    • Urban redevelopment, town improvement for disaster control
    • Cooperative projects and building renovation projects
    • Reconstruction of condominiums
    • Support for strategic CRE/PRE use