Eli Malka, CPA

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Tel. No. 03-5617801

Yona Kremnitzky 14
Tel Aviv, Israel

Eli MalkaMr. Malka is an expert in his accounting related valuations with over 10 years of experience in financial and accounting advisory services, including company valuations, valuations of intangible property assets, assessing financial instruments, advising employees on ESO, and providing financial advisory services for issuing and raising capital both in Israel and abroad.

Prior to joining Prometheus, Eli was a consultant in the Complex Finance Department at KPMG (Israel). His responsibilities included regulation, financing, risk management and accounting for banks and insurance companies. He specialized in derivatives, credit risk, and liquidity.

Mr. Malka is a member of the Israeli Association of Appraisers (IAA).

Mr. Malka has a BA in Economics and Management from the Ariel University and is a graduate of the accounting studies program of the Department of Economics at Bar Ilan University.