Roberto Zuanella

VRG Brazil


  • Financial Reporting Valuations
  • Fixed Asset/Real Estate
  • Fund Raising Advisory
  • Global Tax
  • Global Valuation Services
  • International Business Combinations
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Property
  • Reorganization
  • Tangible Assets: Real Estate & M&E
  • Valuation Research Group
  • VRG Leadership

Tel. No.

Rua Paes Leme, 524 – 12° Andar – Pinheiros
CEP 05424-904 São Paulo SP

Mr. Zuanella is the Director of Setape and specializes in asset management consulting. The services he focuses on serve the purposes of: reorganization of property, plant and equipment in compliance with IFRS standards; real estate settlement; valuations for insurance, purchase and sale, mortgage guarantees, donations in payment, asset sharing, spin-offs, mergers and full asset demobilation advice.

Additionally, the firm provides Economic and Financial Advisory valuation expertise and the teams led by Mr. Zuanella apply their industry knowledge to develop business plans, provide full consultant services on M&E processes, develop fundraising for financial projects and provide sector market research for clients. They also develop specific IT-related solutions for clients’ asset control needs with optical reader software, accounting systems integration modules, and much more.