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Tel Aviv, Israel

Yuval Zilberstein Mr. Zilberstein brings over 30 years of experience in preparing valuations, analyzing financial statements, preparing expert opinions and providing a diverse range of financial advisory services to companies and businesses.

Mr. Zilberstein also serves as an expert on behalf of the economic court, in numerous complex cases. Prior to his career in valuation advisory, Mr. Zilberstein served as a senior accountant at PwC (Israel). As part of his work with PwC, Mr. Zilberstein (CPA) led audit teams, that audited leading public companies from a wide range of industries.

Mr. Zilberstein is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (“ICPA”), offering lectures and training sessions to ICPA members on valuations and business analyses., and a member of the Israeli Association of Appraisers (IAA).

He is also a member of the Israeli Association for Business Economists, as well as the IDC Fair Value Forum and the ICPA valuations committee. In addition, Mr. Zilberstein publishes professional articles in the “Accountants Journal,” “Ta’agidim – Legal Journal on Corporate, Securities and Antitrust Issues,” “Banking Quarterly” as well financial media.

Mr. Zilberstein holds a BA in Accounting and Economics and an MA with honors in Business Administration (specializing in financing, banking and business entrepreneurship) both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.