In Focus: Kelvin King & Bryn Anderson, VRG U.K.

Q. Who is Valuation Consulting?

Kelvin King Valuation ConsultingBryn Anderson

A. Valuation Consulting is a UK based, leading provider of business and intangible asset valuation services globally.

We are trusted by some of the world’s best-known brands in bringing understanding and transparency to the valuation of their businesses, intangible assets and IP.

Valuation Consulting is uncluttered by the need or desire to offer tax, legal advice or audit services and is trusted by lawyers, accountants and commercial organisations worldwide as objective third-party valuers.

We provide clients with real insight, deep understanding and practical guidance – helping them to leverage the true value of their business and intangible assets.

Valuation Consulting takes a practical approach, guiding our clients through the grey: fresh and focused; independent and insightful; hands-on and to-the-point.

Q. What areas of your firm’s expertise contribute to the strength of VRG’s client platform?

A. Bringing together Chartered Accountants with specific areas of valuation interest and experience, Valuation Consulting offers a unique combination of expertise. We offer valuation services under four key pillars named ‘BEAT’ that reflect our areas of focus within the marketplace. These are: Brand, Expert, Attestation and Tech.

VRG Valuation Consulting Expert Valuation Services

Q. How do clients benefit from a relationship with VRG UK?

A. With our offices in the UK and Jersey, and 50+ worldwide VRG offices, we are able to offer local and international clients a highly responsive, agile, competent and professional service that meets their specific valuation requirements.

The global VRG network within which Valuation Consulting operates provides a means to stay abreast of local and international industry, technical and economic topics and issues allowing a more robust and holistic response to clients’ needs.

Q. We understand your firm recently unveiled its new brand identity, can you tell us about this new, fresh approach?

A. We are extremely proud to share that Valuation Consulting has refreshed its brand identity. As sought after experts in the area of brand and intellectual property valuation, it is also important that our firm steps forth with our own approach to the market showing we, too, see our identity as a valuable asset and understand the value it brings to the market. With this change, we now have a fresh and confident new visual and verbal identity that better reflects the organization in 2023 and beyond. Our refined logo introduces the ‘unlocking’ concept with the VC symbol, which embodies our mantra of helping clients unlock and understand the value of their business, intangible assets, and IP. We welcome you to read more about the change and take a tour of our refreshed website here.