European Capital Market Study

Analysis of cost of capital parameters and multiples for European capital markets.


COVID-19 and Argentina

The pandemic’s unexpected changes have had a turbulent impact on Argentina’s economy. VRG looks at the effects and potential post-COVID outcomes for the region’s businesses.

Q2 2020 Economic Snapshots

Quick-hit visual summaries of the leading economic and financial indicators in major economic markets.

Australia: Market Discount Rate Update

With the uncertainty created by COVID-19 continuing to impact businesses and markets, the selection of a reasonable discount rate remains a key consideration, whether for financial reporting or for broader valuation requirements.

VRG Spain Selected as Appraiser of Largest Oceanographic Research Vessel

As an independent expert, Gesvalt develops consulting services for the naval sector and valuations in different scenarios. 

Leadership Conversations: Valuation in an Uncertain World

Challenges in the valuation process – estimating cash flows, discount rates, liquidity issues, and market uncertainty.

Dr. Cai Berg Featured in Activist Monitor and Deal Reporter

Dr. Cai Berg is featured in an interview on the recent developments and a certain paradigm shift in public takeovers in Germany.

Impact of COVID-19 on Business Valuations Webinar

Global perspectives on helping clients through difficult times.

COVID-19: The Brand as an Ally

The importance of leveraging the brand as a management tool in the era of COVID-19. (Recorded in Portuguese)

Sandra Daza to Present “Impact of COVID-19 on the Valuation and Financing of Real Estate Assets” Webinar

The webinar will address COVID-19’s impact on both the real estate sector and world economy.