With Global Tax Deal Close, It’s Time to Assess Implications

The OECD-sponsored overhaul of global tax regimes is one step closer to reality, though its ultimate adoption is not guaranteed.

ValueTrust Acts as Financial Advisor to the Management Board of Vita 34

ValueTrust acted as financial advisor to the management board of Vita 34 on the proposed combination with PBKM.

Spain: Investment Trends in the Agri-Food Industry

Europe and Spain, subsequent driving forces of the new investment strategies beginning in the US, have over the last two years seen the arrival of abundant liquidity from alternative investment markets, capital niches practically non-existent to date or residual in portfolios of investment funds, private equity or venture capital firms that are becoming a trend.

VRG Partners Dalgarno and Lawrence to Present Business Valuation Workshop

This intensive Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand two-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with a practical understanding of the application of business valuations.

Unleashing the HealthTech Potential in India

This report includes a financial overview and research on the rising healthtech industry in India.

Q1 2021 Economic Indicators

High-level visual summaries of leading economic and financial indicators in major economic markets.

Education Technology (EdTech) in India

Education Technology is an emerging and booming sector in India.

Healthcare Evolution in India

Insights on the evolution of Indian healthcare industry including hospitals, telemedicine and the diagnostic sectors.

German Takeover Report 2021

We are pleased to present the 2021 edition of the German Takeover Report, which was created and published in cooperation with ValueTrust and finexpert.

ValueTrust Acts as Independent Fairness Opinion Provider to the Board of Directors of Leoni AG

ValueTrust was engaged by the Board of Directors of Leoni AG to provide an independent valuation opinion on the fairness of the transaction from a financial perspective in accordance with the DVFA Standards.