German Takeover Report 2022

We are pleased to announce the German Takeover Report 2022 (8th edition), which was created and published in cooperation with ValueTrust and finexpert.

In Focus: Sandra Daza, VRG Spain

Learn more about the superior expertise provided to clients through VRG Spain.

Prometheus Financial Advisory Joins VRG

VRG welcomes Prometheus Financial Advisory, a Tel Aviv-based independent economic and financial consultancy firm, to the group of international partners.

In Focus: Rodolfo Biasca, VRG Argentina

Learn more about the superior expertise provided to clients through VRG Argentina.

The Importance of Business Valuations in the Post-COVID Era

Valuation and organizational change expert, Rodolfo Biasca, analyzes the successful and unsuccessful companies that have pivoted during the pandemic, encouraging revisiting a number of business valuation areas that may bring more realism to expectations for the balance sheet.

VRG’s Peter Ott Featured in CPA Ontario Intangibles Report

“You Can’t Touch This: The intangible assets debate,” explores the rise of the intangible economy and professional services providers’ role in reporting on intangible assets.

With Global Tax Deal Close, It’s Time to Assess Implications

The OECD-sponsored overhaul of global tax regimes is one step closer to reality, though its ultimate adoption is not guaranteed.

ValueTrust Acts as Financial Advisor to the Management Board of Vita 34

ValueTrust acted as financial advisor to the management board of Vita 34 on the proposed combination with PBKM.