Regional Court of Cologne Fully Approves the ValueTrust Valuation Report

ValueTrust provided an independent expert valuation to the Court.

Australia: Independent Expert’s Report Review

Key factors from all Independent Expert’s Reports (IERs) are summarized, included in the Connect4 database since 1 January 2018.

ValueTrust Acts as Independent Valuation Expert Provider to ISARIA Wohnbau AG

ValueTrust acts as Independent Valuation Expert provider to ISARIA Wohnbau AG on the sale of its key real estate projects and the associated platform to Deutsche Wohnen SE.

Fernando Da Cruz Vasconcellos

Fernando specialises in the valuation of investment portfolios, alternative investments and ventures. He has extensive experience in the valuation for M&A, licensing, investment, accounting and…

Kelvin King

Kelvin King joined the Government in 1970. His early career was spent with the Government’s Share Valuation (SV); which is responsible for all of the…

Leveraging Valuation for Bankruptcy Purposes

Major aircraft makers, Alestis Aerospace, Airbus, and Boeing, were facing challenges due to Spain’s banking crisis. Learn how VRG helped.

Dave Pearson

Mr. Pearson joined Leadenhall in September 2014 after 10 years as an adviser at Deloitte and KPMG in Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. Mr. Pearson…

Advisory Services

Multidisciplinary expertise that brings clarity to complex situations, strategic decisions, disputes, and litigation

Simon Dalgarno

Simon Dalgarno has worked in the financial valuation industry for over fifteen years. He has completed numerous valuations for private and public companies including: businesses—from…

Richard Norris

Richard Norris joined Leadenhall in 2011 to lead the New South Wales practice. He has over 15 years of financial services experience, including ten years…