Nathan Timosevski

Nathan Timosevski VRG Australia
Nathan Timosevski joined the VRG Australia team in 2019 to lead the purchase price allocation practice. He has over 23 years of financial services experience…

In Focus: Bill Hughes, VRG U.S.

Learn more about the superior expertise provided to clients through one of the original founders, VRG U.S.

Eli Malka

Eli Malka
Mr. Malka is an expert in his accounting related valuations with over 10 years of experience in financial and accounting advisory services, including company valuations,…

Denise Ong

Ms. Ong is responsible for overseeing business valuation projects in Singapore and the South East Asia. She has nearly 10 years of work experience in…

Valuation Perspective: India’s Mutual Fund Asset Management Industry

The Mutual Fund Asset Management Industry in India is one of the most prolific and thriving Financial Services Industry in India.

Understanding Collateralized Loan Obligations

CLO vehicles are the lifeblood that helps keep the U.S. syndicated loan market humming.

Kevin Chan

Mr. Kevin Chan currently serves as a Senior Director of Business Valuation services at Jones Lang LaSalle Corporate Appraisal and Advisory Limited and is based…

Simon Chan

Mr. Simon Chan is responsible for the management and strategic development of Business Valuation Services at Jones Lang LaSalle‚Äôs Corporate Appraisal and Advisory department. His…

Valuation Issues in Canada

Considering a business transaction in Canada? A variety of valuation-related issues are relevant to your decision-making process.

Specialized Services

Dedicated expertise required for industry-, sector-, project-, and geographic-focused engagements