Australia: Discount Rate Update

An updated summary of changes in market discount rates since June 2020, which can be used to reduce the subjectivity inherent in valuations and impairment testing.

Australia: Discount Rate Update

The 31 December reporting season is fast approaching and the impact of COVID-19 on asset values remains a key issue highlighted by ASIC in its message to companies.

Leadership Conversations: Valuation in an Uncertain World

Challenges in the valuation process – estimating cash flows, discount rates, liquidity issues, and market uncertainty.

Impact of COVID-19 on Business Valuations Webinar

Global perspectives on helping clients through difficult times.

Denise Ong

Ms. Ong is responsible for overseeing business valuation projects in Singapore and the South East Asia. She has nearly 10 years of work experience in…

Australia: Impact of COVID-19 on Impairment Analysis

Drastic changes in operating conditions and financial markets this year pose significant challenges for all of us involved in financial reporting and forecasting.

Australia: COVID-19 – Valuation in an Uncertain Environment

Share markets have declined upwards of 30% globally, credit spreads have widened significantly and volatility has more than doubled over the same period.

Bulls vs. Bears vs. COVID-19: How do Control Premiums Change?

In light of the current market downturn, can we anticipate the impact on control premiums? VRC analyzed the data.

VRG Member Dave Pearson Presents iiBV Webinar

The webinar explores the pandemic and its ramifications for the global business valuation community.

COVID-19: Measuring Triggering Event Impacts and Subsequent Impairment Testing

Some of the most significant financial consequences of the novel coronavirus will be seen in both current and coming company disclosures.