COVID-19: An Orderly Repricing of Risk in Private Debt

Capital markets experienced a rapid decline in valuations since late February, given the equally rapid proliferation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White Revolution

The global dairy industry was valued at $ 674 billion in 2018.

India Deals Snapshot

Now available: Summary data for November, December 2019.

India Deals Snapshot

Now available: Summary data for September, October 2019.

Ott Featured in TEGoVA’s European Valuer

For VRG leader Peter Ott, being a valuation professional means having a love of lifelong learning in order to provide clients with the highest standards of service.

Valuation Issues in the UK and Europe

Considering a business transaction in the UK or Europe? A variety of valuation-related issues are relevant to your decision-making process.

Specialized Services

Dedicated expertise required for industry-, sector-, project-, and geographic-focused engagements