COVID-19: Measuring Triggering Event Impacts and Subsequent Impairment Testing

Some of the most significant financial consequences of the novel coronavirus will be seen in both current and coming company disclosures.

Fernando Da Cruz Vasconcellos

Fernando specialises in the valuation of investment portfolios, alternative investments and ventures. He has extensive experience in the valuation for M&A, licensing, investment, accounting and…

Valuation Issues in the U.S.

Valuations in the U.S. are generally required around a transaction and can be grouped by needs for financial reporting, tax, or legal purposes, as well as for compliance or recurring regulatory purposes outside of a transaction.

Valuations for Financial Reporting

Valuations to make confident decisions & support evolving financial reporting standards

Patel to Speak at the International Business Valuation Conference

Patel addresses the topic of brand valuations for consumer product companies.